Account Summary

Once you log in, the system retrieves your account information and displays it on the Account Summary page.

Depending on your institution's settings, any or all of the following fields may display.

Current Account Summary

Account Balance

Current amount that you owe on your account. This includes purchases and credits to the account since your last statement, and any purchases from previous statements that you have not yet paid. Click View Transactions to display all transactions posted to your account since your last statement. The balance may not reflect the most recent transactions or pending authorizations.

Cash Balance

If this field appears, it shows the balance of all Cash Advance or other cash type transactions that have posted to the account.

Pending Balance

Account Balance plus any purchases that you have made that have not yet been approved. Click View Details to display the Outstanding Transactions page, which lists all transactions that have been declined or have not yet posted to your account.

Available Credit

Credit Limit minus the Account Balance.

Available Cash

If this field appears, it shows the amount of Cash that you have left to draw from. This value is determined by the Cash Limit minus the Cash Balance minus the Cash Transaction Authorizations.

Credit Limit

Amount set by the financial institution that you can charge to your account.

Cash Limit

If this field appears, it shows the highest amount that you can charge to your account as a cash transaction.

Past Due Amount

Amount that you owe on your account that was not received by the due date.

Overlimit Amount

All accounts have a credit limit. If you make purchases that exceed this amount, that amount appears here.

Account Status

If this field appears, the options are Open, Closed, or Blocked.

Last Activity Date

Date of the most recent activity on the account. This could include both purchases, payments, and cash withdrawals.

Account Open Date

Date the account was established with the financial institution.

Statement & Payment Information

Last Statement Amount

Amount of the last statement.

Last Statement Date

Date of the last statement.

Minimum Payment Due

Minimum payment due on the account. Click Make Payment to open the Make One-Time Payment page.

Payment Due Date

Date the payment is due.

Last Payment Amount

Amount of the last payment.

Last Payment Date

Date of the last payment.