Manage Payment Accounts

The eZCard Manage Payment Accounts feature allows you to manage your payment accounts, view detailed information about an existing account, and add or delete a payment account.

To manage your payment accounts, perform the following steps:

  1. Click Make a Payment from the menu bar.
  2. Select MANAGE PAYMENT ACCOUNTS. The MANAGE PAYMENT ACCOUNTS page displays. This page lists all of the active and deleted payment accounts, which you can use to pay your bill online.

Important! The Manage Payment Accounts page will not display if a payment account has not been set up.

Account Nickname A unique name assigned by the cardholder to identify the account. Also referred to as PAYMENT ACCOUNT.
Account Type The type of account that you want to access when making an online payment, either checking or savings.
Account Number The checking or savings account number of the account to be accessed for the online payment.
Routing Number The nine-digit routing number used to identify the financial institution from which the funds are withdrawn for the online payment.
Status The status of the online payment, either Pending, Completed, or Cancelled.